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Discover your benefits.

Our application consists of advantages across the user board.

Whether you're an academic tutor, manage a yoga or pilates class, or run a cricket academy, we have you covered.

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Why Us?

We offer you an optimal management platform, 

at a low cost and no commissions on bookings.

We also give you the chance to list and advertise your business to our growing set of users, enabling you to reach your target audience.

For Instructors

Here's everything we offer, for professionals who sign up through our platform.

  • free access to a vast and diverse clientele, across multiple cities

  • the ability to list and optimize your arts, academic or coaching practice

  • help in building an online brand and presence

  • the ability to create multiple batches, and grow your audience

  • online + offline support

  • access to hundreds of communities and learners

  • an immersive, calendar-base interface to manage your classes, at extremely low or no commissions

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Find communities.
Find learners.
Find everything.


Whether you're looking to upskill yourself, revise for a test or learn a sport,

we have you covered.

  • search from a wide selection of experts and join classes instantly

  • find and review instructors, coaches and teachers you like

  • access trial lessons before signing up for a class

  • choose from weekly, monthly or yearly memberships

  • interact with your teachers, seamlessly

  • document your progress with our journaling feature

Discover your inner coach.

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Discover your inner learner.

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